Sara Divita jewellery designer

Independent jewelelry designer,  Sara Divita – Sicilian-born and based in Ibiza – is inspired by art, the natural elements and the allure of creating unique treasures that make powerful statements.

Sara holds a degree from the Marangoni Institute of Design in Milan and has traveled extensively throughout the world as a way to renew the source of her creativity.  Travel is her way to find inspiration and the precious materials – gems, stones, metals – for her collections.

Working on the island of Bali in Indonesia, she has established a strong connection, cultivating beautiful friendships over many years,  with a few highly skilled artisans who collaborate with her professionally.

Sara chooses to follow her own personal evolution, beyond seasonal trends, as a way to rework and perfect her jewellery collections.

Her style is delicate, feminine, playful as well as evoking geometric strength in an edgy, rock, glamour look.

Each jewellery piece is a message, each one represents a creative code, symbols of joyful rebellions and wonderous spells, artistically interpreted by Sara Divita as an simple invitation to honor life as a wild, sublime gift .